The way we work has changed,

so should the places we work from.

Hyvs is a new neighbourhood members’ Lounge Space and Boutique Café with Meeting Rooms facilities, truly flexible and simply accessible by scanning the turnstiles’ QR code when you walk in and out.

No commitment. Simply walk in and walk out.

How It Works

Download the app and scan the QR code when you walk in/out.

No commitment.
No forms to fill out.

Download the Hyvs App

Create your private profile in seconds

Scan the Hyvs QR code when you arrive to check-in

Stay for as long as you want and only pay for the time spent on site*  
*No small footprint with us, this is just to confirm that you can effectively stay for as long as you want, for 10 minutes or a whole day!
Enjoy unlimited barista-made specialty coffee/tea and try our artisan pastries/healthy alternatives.

Scan the Hyvs QR code back when you walk out. Payment is taken automatically.
That’s all!

What You Get

What’s included when you walk in.




Members' Lounge

capped at £35/day

No minimum time requirement, as we work out your time based on minutes instead of hours.

Daily price automatically capped at £35 (inclusive of VAT)

Please note that there is a £2 minimum spend per session

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms need to be pre-booked via the app, with bookings available in 30-min slots

Price includes unlimited barista-made drinks for all attendees

Members' Lounge

(Launch Offer)

Launch Offer valid until 30th of November 2022. Flexible offer. Cancel anytime.

Hyvs South Kensington

29 Harrington Road, SW7 3HD, London

More Sites Are Coming!

Click here to let us know where you would want us to open next.

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are pre-booked directly via the Hyvs app, with bookings available in 30-min slots. Alternatively, you can book it by calling us directly at 020 357 60 494.

Capacity (Up to 6)

Unlimited barista-made drinks for all attendees (orders directly via app)


Camera for conference calls

White board